Well, we are pleased to announce that the new This Holiday Life Store is now live and ready for orders. Be sure to order in time for Christmas.

The storefront is part of Storenvy, a free store system and a really cool social shopping site. While you are shopping for your THL swag, be sure to browse all the other rad stuff on Storenvy… you can check out with one checkout!

Merry Christmas Everybody!


A Quick Hello

If anyone is still subscribed to this blog… bless you, and sincere apologies for long gaps gone by.  I guess it shows that life is busy, and thus good.  Here’s a quick update on the Holiday crew:

Scott:  Scrambling to get Storenvy completed and launched in the not too distant future.  Stay tuned at http://www.storenvy.com for updates.  If you need merch printing, be sure to send us an email at printing@storenvy.com.  Also, awaiting little boy #2 in a short 4 weeks…

Joe:  A mad writing machine with his new band Shwank: The Experience.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter:  theShwank

Mark:  Currently in his 2nd session at Brooks doing Photography.  Recently added baby Iris to the Holiday family.  Check out his killer photos:  http://www.logosphotography.com/

The B Hive:  On the road with Switchfoot manning all things merch.  If you happen upon a Switchfoot show, be sure to drop by the Merch booth to send your greetings.

Well, that’s all for now.  When the dust settles, stay tuned for more music.  Thanks for being patient.


Ok, so I log in to my Facebook account and realize that I’ve managed to completely neglect my dedicated FB buddies, not to mention the extremely outdated features on the page.  Couple changes, back in action, problem solved.

But hang on… Twitter?  Well, I’ve been IM’ing people all day and updating my Facebook page… ok, Twitter this, Twitter that, problem solved… at least for another 5 minutes or so until my next thought needs to go live.

And to top it all off, Myspace is a fading memory in my mind.  Like an old jacket whose hanger just keeps getting pushed back by newer, and better, jackets.  But, the updates must go on, at least for those lonely souls out there still “pimpin” their space for the dwindling few.  

Which leads me to the ever-important and iconic “Blog”.  Well, the fact of the matter is, I’ve “blogged” a hundred times over before I even manage to login to WordPress… will hungry eyes ever even grace these pages?  Well, if not for you, then for myself.  

Ah… the sweet glory. The video is done. It’s here. Finished.

Two amazing days of filming with our good friend Matt Stubstad, many days and nights of editing and way too much deep concentration and yoga and we finally have the video to show for it:

Special thanks to Austen for being the world’s best “crooked record label agent”. You couldn’t have done it any better. More special thanks to the Rancho Sante Fe police for giving us that extra 60 seconds to shoot in the woods before you kicked us out. And thanks to the kids at Seacoast for going along with it, although having no idea why I was on stage dancing to “We Are Family”.

We had a blast shooting the video and are looking forward to the next when we get back from tour this Spring. Stay tuned for a “behind the scenes” podcast in the not too distant future.

After an amazing trip across the Pacific to the tropical paradise of Kauai, I returned to the mainland in a heightened euphoric state, anticipating what would be THE concert of this decade in my book the next night. Travis. These 4 everyday Scots were putting on the last night of their first US tour in 4 years… in my hometown… gloria!

Fidgeting with nervous anticipation, I waited for the lights to go down. Crewmen took the stage with oversized flashlights as “Gonna Fly Now”, the infamous Rocky Theme Song, filled the air. Seconds later, the spotlights hit a door in the back of the room and out popped the guys, dressed in different colored Everlast robes, filtering through the crowd with nothing but high fives and smiles.

As if this wasn’t enough to create a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the year, Fran bounces right past me, makes eye contact and we commence the ultimate high five.

For those unfortunate souls that stayed home with thier pets, I give you this 1 minute and 33 second video documenting the beginning of an evening that has made my “Top 3 Concerts of All Time” list.


I’ve been waiting for the month of November for quite some time now. For my birthday this year, Bobby surprised me with two tickets to Travis here in San Diego at the House of Blues. Travis is on my Top 5 Favorites of All Time list. The fact that I get to see them with 500 other people blows my mind. I watch DVD’s of these guys performing for 50,000 people in Glasgow!

As if this excitement wasn’t enough, I found out that one of my other Top 5 was coming to LA, Ahtlete. Another band from the UK, these guys just came out with their 3rd incredible record, Beyond the Neighbourhood. It was a beautiful, inspiring and intimate show. Got a chance to chat with Joel a little bit before the show…
What a show

Now, this was clearly enough to satiate my wildest dreams for a while. But, just to put the cherry on top, I found out last Saturday that Feist was in town at 4th and B! I quickly got online only to find out that somehow I had missed hearing about the show altogether and it had sold out, day of. Jumped on craigslist and was fortunate enough to find two tickets for face value!! Just as amazing live… Feist!

Amazing People

Well, it’s 8:21am in Seattle, WA. We’re packing up our things and getting ready for the long drive home. Not really looking forward to 24 straight hours in the van. It was kind of weird to only have 3 shows on this run, but they sure were fun. Thanks to all of you who came out to see us at Cal Poly, Roseville and Seattle! It was super fun hanging out and getting to see familiar faces (as well as new ones) again.

I can’t stress enough how much your support means to us. Without you, we would just be four guys playing music. But, with you, we have ears who listen. It’s amazing to experience your love and support wherever we go.

Stay in touch through the holidays. We won’t be playing very much, but will be kicking back in gear in the new year.

Much love.